IT Transformation Aimed at Clarifying Your Mission, Strategy, and Goals.

MTE Advisors provides solutions for IT strategic planning, enterprise architecture, business-IT convergence, business analysis, and IT governance.

MTE transformation services will eliminate redundant efforts so you can better serve your customers.

We can help you implement change leadership initiatives to help you respond to new technology or business processes, and our team effectiveness building strategies can help energize and realize teams to perform at their best.

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Consulting Services

We provide strategic consulting services in: enterprise architecture agile implementations, business and systems analysis, team leadership, and coaching.

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Training Services

Custom in-house training in areas include Agile methodologies, IT governance, technology planning, strategic business planning, enterprise architecture, IT, and strategic alignment.

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MTE empowers organizations just like yours.

With over 20 years of experience, we will help you implement change leadership initiatives so that you can respond to new technology or business processes.

What They’re Saying About Us

Mark Edmead is among the small group of professionals who can do, teach, lead and collaborate. In areas of BCP, Security and Information Systems compliance, he is simply the best. Mark is the kind of person you want to work with, who brings out the best in others and leads by example. His expertise in Security gave me great opportunity to learn. I would be extremely happy to work with and for Mark. Any engagement involving Security and Continuity should make Mark Edmead the first stop.

Robin B.

Of all of the seminars, classes, or workshops that I have attended your knowledge of the subject matter, presentation, and your ability get everyone involved in the class while making us feel at home was the best.  You made the four and a half days very enjoyable and educational.

Dave T.

It’s great to work with Mark. He’s technical, personable, and fun to work with.

Salim P.

Mr. Mark was my instructor in one of Learning Tree International courses “Management Skills for an IT Environment”.

Mr. Mark showed excellent ability to deliver valuable information, and he has an amazing knowledge in this field. He has excellent skills to deal with the class and creative teaching techniques. Moreover, he was updated with latest information in course’s field.

Finally, I would like to add that it was my pleasure to be taught by him, and I wish to him all success in his life.

Ibrahim N.

Mark’s thirst for knowledge is matched only by his passion for helping others achieve excellence. He is dedicated to superior performance and has the background, depth, and breadth to help his clients realize their highest aspirations.

Cheryl E.

I have used Mark in key roles with high visibility clients. Without hesitation I would highly recommend Mark for any and all IT audit engagements. His professionalism, deep knowledge, and results oriented work style are deeply valued by not only myself, but more importantly by the all those who are lucky enough to use his services.

Russ A.

You are a great instructor. I had a great experience and learned a lot in your class. You certainly put us, the students, at ease and, created an environment of fun learning and encouraged constructive discussions and information sharing. Please don’t hesitate to use my name if you need a reference.

Norfolk Southern Corporation

Of all of the seminars, classes, or workshops that I have attended your knowledge of the subject matter, presentation, and your ability get everyone involved in the class while making us feel at home was the best.  You made the four and a half days very enjoyable and educational.

Internal Audit-Project Lead, Perdue, Inc.

I truly enjoyed the class and was notified that I comfortably passed the exam. I think this was one of the best-conducted classes in my career. Hope you will keep up the good stride.  I learned some very good real-life applications in class. One that is fundamental is that you must really care about your employees’ progress and advancement.

Department of Planning and Zoning, Fairfax County Government

I have to say that I was not at all excited at the prospect of sitting through a management class. But by noon on the 1st day, you had me hooked.  I’m not running out to get an MBA or degree on OD, but I am a lot more encouraged about having the “manager” word in my title and a little more confident that I’ll be able to do well with it eventually.

The Brookings Institution

Thank you for having me in your class. I really learned a lot from your class. My transition from healthcare to computer wasn’t easy but having this class really helps me understand a very interesting computer world.

Gaithersburg, Maryland

One of the best instructors I have had with your organization.

United States Patent and Trademark Office

Outstanding facilitator! Mark did a great job balancing the instruction and class participation plus involvement by the students.

Participant, U.S. Joint Forces Command

Excellent, involved, interactive, knowledgeable.

Participant, U.S. Joint Forces Command

Great course. Mark did a fantastic job incorporating our specific case studies and examples into the course material.

Tom W., Catholic Health Initiatives

Mark is the best instructor that I have experienced with this type of training in my 25+ years. Very impressive, well-rounded, bright, energetic, and fun.

Participant, Catholic Health Initiatives

Mark T. Edmead is an engaging instructor who keeps the audience focused and engaged during courses where highly technical and complex subjects are discussed. Mark is truly a force multiplier.

Matthew D.